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8 Places Other Than The Toilet Where You Might Pee While Pregnant

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5. In the car line at your kids at school.

I could see this happening in the event that I have another baby. The car line for drop-off at my kid’s elementary school is long and packed end-to-end. Escaping to go pee is literally not an option. Better line that driver’s seat with those super absorbent rags sold on the Tee-Vee.


6. At the zoo.

At our zoo, the furthest exhibits from the front where the bathrooms are located are a serious hike. I could fully envision a pregnant woman sadly watching the elephants stampeding with a steady drip of pee sliding down her leg.


7. Whilst exercising.

Granted, I did not do that often while pregnant but the first thing I did when I saw the photo of pregnant runner Alysia Montano was cringe and imagine myself soaked in pee while crossing the finish line. That woman deserves a medal solely for her superior ability to hold it.


8. In your bed.

Trying to roll over while eight months pregnant can cause your baby and your pitifully shifted and abused bodily organs to release urine. I speak from experience and so does my husband. It also sucks to get up every 15 minutes to pee so I held it too long out of laziness many times. Use a mattress pad, ladies!


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