Stellar Boyfriend Says It’s Cool He Left The Baby Home Alone Because His Pit Bull Is Watching It

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I believe a strongly-worded breakup should be on the immediate to-do list for the girlfriend of 41-year-old James R. Irvine of Palm Coast, Florida — the man who equated his pet pit bull with “babysitter.”

Msnc reports that Irvine has been arrested on one charge of child neglect after leaving his girlfriend’s 10-month-old home alone while he went to a bar. The mother had left her infant in the care of Irvine while she was at work. But after she was unable to get through to her boyfriend over the phone (he eventually picked up and said “I’m watching the game”), she came home to discover this awesome sight:

The woman said she found Irvine trying to get into the house and that he was urinating on himself, according to the report.

But wait for it:

He admitted to his girlfriend that he had been having a few drinks, but told her the baby wasn’t alone because their pet pit bull was watching it, deputies said.

The little baby was found crying inside a room with the door closed. But that dutiful pit bull was reportedly sitting right outside of it, according to police reports.

An employee at the bar confirms that she served Irvine one Bud Light and five Coronas during his bar visit that afternoon — which probably makes him as about able to adequately care for a 10-month-old as that pit bull.

(photo: Kazlouski Siarhe/ Shutterstock)