This Clip of a Very Pissed Off Peppa Pig Became a Hilarious Meme

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Who knew Peppa had such a quick temper? Last week, Twitter user @elzbthxo_ posted a clip from an episode of Peppa Pig, in which Peppa is feeling a bit down because she can’t whistle. I relate on several levels, because I cannot whistle, and it’s annoying. To try to make herself feel better, Peppa calls her bestie Suzy Sheep. Because when we’re feeling down, we call our friends for moral support, right? Well, it backfired spectacularly for Peppa, and she gets a little mad, LOL. So Twitter did what Twitter does, and the pissed Peppa Pig meme was born.

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She goes from sweet to pissed Peppa Pig VERY quickly. Jealousy is a tough emotion, little pig.

You really have to watch the clip, it’s fucking hilarious. Peppa is upset because she can’t whistle, so she calls Suzy Sheep. When Suzy tells Peppa she can’t whistle either, Peppa gets REALLY happy (rude). Suzy asks Peppa what whistling is anyway, and Peppa tells her it’s when you put your lips together and blow. Suzy does just that and emits a perfectly tuned whistle, and Peppa HANGS UP ON HER. Just, CLICK. Not even a goodbye. So savage.

I laughed so damn hard when I watched it for the first time. 100% relatable. People started making memes of Peppa’s savagery, and they’re perfect.

It’s always a free cruise, isn’t it? Norovirus still sucks even if it’s free.

OH SHIT. Time machine needed, stat.

When your ex comes a-callin’, become Peppa Pig.

Also works for calls coming from Sallie Mae.

My kids watch Peppa Pig pretty regularly, and I admit, I had no idea Peppa has such a temper! This will go down as one of my all-time favorite scenes from that weird-ass show. Makes you wonder why people spend so much time making Peppa inappropriate on YouTube when she’s got enough attitude as it is. Take a deep breath, girl, it’s ok.

(Image: Twitter/@elzbthxo_)