K Middy’s Uncle Uses Prince George To Publicly Air His Certainty That Pippa Will Marry

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It’s a truth universally acknowledged that once your sibling marries and procreates, eyes will firmly be on you to follow suit, especially for the ladies. For some of the older generation, who have yet to understand how problematic the assumption that everyone will get married and everyone will have kids is, holidays and impromptu visits are often the Grand Uterus Inquisition. Like Kate Middleton‘s uncle, Gary Goldsmith, who used a press moment about Prince George to talk about his own expectations of marriage for his currently unwed, non-engaged niece, Pippa Middleton. Royalty! They’re just like us!

Us Weekly reports that all is dandy in the royal-in-law home. Uncle Gary tells the tabloid, “It’s fabulous. I couldn’t be prouder of my family.” Damn right, it’s fabulous. I would expect the royal baby to be nothing less. But perhaps, in a moment of glee, Uncle Gary roped Pippa Middleton into his normative nuclear hopes when chatting with the outlet:

Goldsmith also gave an update on his other, also-famous niece Pippa Middleton— who garnered her own headlines once more amid (false) talk that she’s engaged to boyfriend Nico Jackson. “It will be brilliant when Pippa gets married. It will happen one day,” he predicted of Pippa, 29. Pippa and Kate’s younger brother James Middleton also remains unwed. “It’s hard for anyone entering this family because you’re going to be in the spotlight,” he pointed out. “So I imagine Pips and James will date for a while before they make the leap, simply out of courtesy for the other person to understand what it’s like.”

Hopefully, Pippa (as well as James) has expressed to her uncle that marriage is on her agenda, despite that whole engagement talk being squashed. If not, well, the awkward Thanksgiving talk came a bit early this year. With an audience of like a trillion.