48 Pinterest-Worthy Snacks To Put In Your Kid’s Lunchbox

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Image: Instagram / @delizzapatisserie

A good chunk of parents’ time is spent figuring out what to make that kids will actually eat. (The rest of the time is spent trying to stay awake, budgeting, and figuring out whether something is normal or not.) Once we get passed the tricky breastfeeding and baby mush stage, we have to contend with school lunches. School lunches, practically snacks, are a big consideration. Kids love small, adorable, yummy things so snacks are always a favorite. And it’s always debatable whether they will eat their sandwich/main lunch so we want to make sure the snack is something decent that will keep their tummies mostly full. No pressure, right?

The adage about eating with your eyes first applies to kids as much as adults. If they’re interested in the way something looks, they will probably want to put it in their mouth. (As we have discovered for better or worse.) These kids school snacks ideas look fun and taste great. And unlike some Instagrammable dishes, you don’t have to spend hours perfecting them with a pair of kitchen tweezers. Take a look at 48 Pinterest worthy kids school snacks ideas that look and taste amazing. Go on and make an extra helping for yourself.

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