Looking At Photos Of Other People’s Homes Is Making Me Feel Like A Total Domestic Failure

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I spent too much time on Pinterest yesterday after I wrote a story about DIY parties. By too much time, I mean the entire time both of my children were napping, hence the only time I had to myself all day. Pinterest stole my Saturday. Does this ever happen to anyone else?

Admittedly I am drawn in by beautiful photos. But after about 10 minutes I have an overwhelming desire get my nails done, I seriously crave a cupcake and I hate my house. Who lives in these houses that we see on the boards of Pinterest? Anyone? Or do they just exist to make me feel like a crap housekeeper with no original ideas for storage? My time on Pinterest left me wondering; is it possible to have a Pinterest-worthy house without employing a maid? The following are some of the images that sent me into a tailspin yesterday:

1. Look at this kitchen drawer.



(photo: Pinterest/

Oh my God, look at this kitchen drawer. I am amazed by this. First, because I have no idea what family would need that many onions – but mostly because the bread drawer looks like something you would see at Balthazar.

There is a solitary onion in a Ziploc bag in my fridge right now and a loaf of Publix wheat bread on my counter.

2. Look at this pantry.



(photo: Pinterest/ Sheila Schmitt)

Oh my God, look at this pantry. At first glance you may have thought this was in someone’s bedroom. It’s so cozy and comfortably lit and there’s an adorable little nightstand. Did these people organize their pantry for the photo shoot, or does it exist like that all the time? Do any of you have a pantry that looks like this? I can’t find anything in my pantry which is why I have about 12 cans of garbanzo beans right now and eight boxes of the same, exact pasta.

3. Look at this kid’s room.


(photo: Pinterest/

Oh my God, look at this kid’s room. This seems doable, but leaves me wondering if all mothers just have to be maids 24 hours a day.

When my toddler was big enough to graduate to a big-boy bed, we took trip to Ikea and bought a whole, adorable room’s worth of storage, rugs and bedding. I was so pleased with finally having a place to put his toys. That lasted for about 25 minutes. My child’s favorite game is taking the drawers out of the storage block and dumping his toys all over his room. Then rips his bedding off of the bed and shoves it in his pack and play. Then he takes all of his books out of the closet and throws them around for good measure. At approximately what age will my toddler’s room stop looking like a garbage dump?

I’m actually a very clean person. I am Greek and Italian – cooking and housecleaning are in my genetic code. I just can’t get a handle on this house. My pantry is unorganized, my kid’s room is a disaster and I have no idea what I’m cooking for dinner tonight because my fridge is like a Jenga puzzle right now and I’m too afraid to move anything.

People who post to Pinterest, how do you do it? Seriously, how? I’m starting to feel like a total domestic failure.