Pink Is For Princesses – According To Elsa Pataky And How She Dresses Daughter, India

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Pink for girls baby sexismElsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth welcomed their baby daughter India Rose last May, but according to what Elsa told she isn’t a huge fan of dressing her baby girl in pink:

“I am the worst. I hate to dress her in pink and I don’t know why I have to. Even Chris is [saying] all the time, ‘They think she’s a boy! Can’t you put her in something more girly? You put them in pink so everyone knows it’s a girl? Why? Just say it,” she adds. “I think if you are a baby and they are already dressing you in pink, it will make you a princess. I just get blues and greys and whites — all different colors.”

But judging from this photograph I don’t think there is some huge question about what gender little India is. But if you decide to stop dressing your kid in pink, guess what Elsa? You don’t have to! There is no unwritten law that girl babies have to wear pink and boy babies have to wear blue, and I think this mentality was more popular like 30 years or so ago when parents were all paranoid that people would confuse their babies gender and exclaim loudly when confronted with a boy child “Such a pretty little girl!” Most strangers, when cooing over your baby, actually don’t care what sex it is. They just want to compliment the baby even if it looks like a creepy little monkey because that is what people do. All my sons had super long hair until they were older. My daughter sometimes wore black or brown or grey. I just didn’t fret over whether people called them by the wrong pronoun.

I don’t even buy gifts for babies this way, and I assumed that most people receive blue for boys and pink for girls, so I try and stick with more neutral colors for clothes like yellow or green. Do pregnant women still buy mostly pink or blue for their baby if they find out the gender via ultrasound beforehand or do they no longer pay attention to this? Do people still follow these pink for girls baby sexism rules? I know having a new baby is an exciting time and sometimes you want to buy some absurdly ridic adorable outfit because you are having a daughter and you want her to be dressed on occasion like a foofoo pink princess cupcake, the same way people buy those goofy football uniforms for boy babies. But I don’t think the majority of people would freak if you dressed your daughter in a football uniform, or you son in a pink onesie.

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