Expert Warns Posting Pics Of Your Kids On Facebook Could Ruin Their Future Lives

184894339I think parents are aware of the dangers of social media. Most parents think twice about posting a snap of their kid taking a bath, or wearing just a diaper, or of their toddler doing something totally humiliating to their Facebook accounts. I think the majority of parents are sort of wary of posting identifying information, or tagging pics of their kids with their full names. I could be wrong about this, and I may have to check in with my screenwriting partner, but I think most parents are pretty smart when it comes to what they post about their children on Facebook. Which is good because now social media experts are warning that what you post about your kids online may affect their chances of getting certain jobs or into colleges.

From The Daily Mail:

Richard Follett, an ambassador for the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, said the social networking site had replaced physical albums for many families. ”˜Whereas when we were children, probably our parents would have lots of nice family albums”¦”‰nowadays they just put everything on Facebook and leave it open access to everyone,’ he said.He added: ”˜Not only might these images be used to embarrass them in their delicate teenage years, they could also be accessed by potential employers or university admissions departments.

“Delicate teenage years” my ass. I have a teen and the only thing delicate about him is when he complains that his hands are feeling dry due to helping with the dishes. I would guess the majority of parents don’t post things that may damage their kid’s futures online, and I would also guess the admissions department at Yale isn’t exactly turning some honor scholar away because their mom posted a diaper snap on the internet.

Teens are a different story. You don’t want to post a pic of your kid puking up at age 17 after their got into your vodka on your Facebook account with their full name.  But do any parents actually do this? I think this is more for the parents who pull those “My kid was twerking at a dance now I’m posting their pic online to humiliate them” parents. That I can see giving a college or a future employee some pause. But for the rest of you posting pics of your kids eating their first solids on Facebook? I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

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