Parents On Reddit Want You To Stop Feeding Your Child Junk, You Lazy Monsters

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168257365One of my biggest mom pet-peeves is parents who care about/judge how other people are feeding their kids. For some parents, how well their kids eat is a real accomplishment that somehow reflects on their awesome parenting skills. I found some of them bragging on Reddit today:

My wife & I are amazed at how most of our relatives feed their young kids. They make separate “kids” meals at lunch & dinner. As you can imagine it’s nothing but nuggets, PB&J, and other processes shit from the frozen aisle.

We’re not above feeding our kids any of that, but we definitely don’t make separate kids meals. Our kids eat what we are eating and they love it.

When we visit family it’s a challenge because they see all their cousins eating nothing but crap.

Ok, I feel better already just writing that 🙂

Oh, okay. So your kids only eat PB&J’s and nuggets when you are also having that for dinner? That makes sense. I’m in awe of parents who claim to never make a separate “kids” meal, but I don’t think they win the gold medal in parenting or anything. What I had to learn after my first child is that some kids are just prone to being pickier than others. Why do some parents always think that every quality that their child has is the result of awesome parenting? Sometimes, people just get lucky. Also – mind your own business. If it’s not your kid, what do you care?

A lot of Redditors do not agree with me. Here are some amazing comments that support the notion that it is everyone’s business what every kid eats.

1. It’s painful.

It’s painful for me to hear about kids who eat nothing but frozen processed crap. It doesn’t mean I think the parents are shitty, but I do feel sad that they don’t seem to understand how beneficial healthy meals are for growing brains and bodies. I want the best for every child. It’s not about judging the parents so that I feel high and mighty, it’s about the kids… Some people just think food is food and need to be educated.


2.  This totally affects me because, insurance.

It actually does affect everyone how others feed their kids. Kids who eat nothing but boxed, fried crap usually grow up to eat a mostly boxed, fried crap diet and feed the obesity pandemic in this country which we all pay for in insurance premiums. Obviously, in some cases parents can only do their best but the ones who feed their kids McDonald’s twice a day out of pure laziness make me angry.


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