Phil Robertson From ‘Duck Dynasty’ Is My New Favorite Mommy Blogger

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Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty Gives Parenting Tips I love Duck Dynasty when I actually remember to watch it and reading about family patriarch Phil Robertson‘s take on parenting has totally forced me to set my DVR. For those of you unfamiliar, Duck Dynasty is a reality series on A&E about the Robertson family who became wealthy for having a business that specializes in duck calls and other duck hunting products. I’m not a hunter, but I think ducks are cute, and this show is cute because even though all the men in the family look like members of a ZZ Top cover band they all seems like pretty nice, decent humans. Phil Roberston has raised four kids who now all work on the family business, and he told Fox News a few things about raisin’ kids:

We had a code. I told them that I’d give them three licks if they disrespected their mother, if they were fist fighting with each other, and if they ever tore up perfectly good equipment for no good reason,” he told FOX 411 back in May about his parenting style.


I’m not a fan of hitting kids and I don’t do it,  but I can totally get behind his reasons for doing it and I’m sure this kept his boys in line.

But that by no means meant he didn’t show his kids affection.

“I made sure we loved them and we taught them to love their neighbor.”

He added that he also made sure his kids knew how to take care of themselves.

“We had very few rules and regulations. I would say, ‘If you want to stay up all night, that’s your prerogative,’” he said. “[For] getting up in the morning and catching the school bus, we didn’t go in there and say, ‘time to get up.’ We taught them to be responsible.”

And I can totally get behind all that, but I think my favorite comment he made is the one regarding school:

When it came to teachers I told them, ‘You’re going to have great teachers, fair teachers and some are going to be poor but always remember they are your teacher. Shut up and sit down and obey them and get out with a fair grade and onto the next one.’ I backed the teachers no matter what,” he said.


Who woulda thunk a man like this had such sound parenting ideas? Now I’m going to wait and see what he has to say about the new Kimye baby name!

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