P&G’s Olympic Sponsorship Ad Honors The Mothers Behind The Athletes

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Olympics 2012 Best Job“The hardest job in the world, is the best job in the world.”

Aside from the unnecessary comma, who can really argue with this heart-warming new ad from P&G? The company that makes Tide and Pampers took a moment not just to celebrate the upcoming summer Olympics, but to honor the mothers who raise these incredible athletes.

There’s absolutely no way to watch this two minute video without getting a little teary-eyed. I dare you to try.

The commercial follows kids from all over the world as they grow into Olympians. But it’s the moms who are kissing you awake, making your breakfast, folding your laundry and cheering your achievements who are the obvious stars of this commercial.

It’s such a break from traditional sports advertising that normally relies on slapstick humor or testosterone-driven antics to celebrate our nation’s athletes. As a sports enthusiast who also happens to be a mom, this might just be a perfect storm of adoration for me.

I realize that it’s a cheap bit of sentimentality and that it’s aimed directly at making women like me say “Awww….” out loud. But it worked, guys. It worked. I don’t even have a child in diapers and I could run out and buy some Pampers right now.

Let’s all take a minute to get excited about the Summer Olympics and get a little weepy about our babies growing up.


(Photo: Daily Picks & Flicks)