It’s Officially Appropriate To Get Drunk At P.F. Chang’s & We Have Questions

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PF Chang's After Dark

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If you’ve ever thought your ideal “night out” experience would be a mix between P.F. Chang’s and 1OAK — this is going to be the best news you’ve ever heard. If that’s not your ideal, well, phew, TBH.

P.F. Chang’s announced via a press release that they’re launching “Chang’s After Dark” in Brickell, Florida, so that, “[guests] no longer need to leave the restaurant to continue their night out,” so says P.F. Chang’s vice president of hospitality Joseph Mongeluzzi.

Essentially, P.F. Chang’s is going to dim the lights, get patrons bottle service and a live DJ, and include a line-up of live entertainment so that you can party hard at P.F. Chang’s, which is something the 186 followers of ChangsAfterDark official Instagram page would like to do.

The official launch was last night, and the Instagram Story shows invited guests guzzling drinks, scarfing down sizzling dishes, and a white person making a very bad “there’s dumpling you should know” pun. Naturally, you can also see those bottle service girls walking through the crowd with sparklers.

According to PR Newswire, the specialty cocktails include “A Whoppin Good Time” with whiskey and amaretto, “Three Loop Circus” with gin and vanilla bean ice cream, and Chicken Katsu sliders.

The idea of a swanky nightclub-version of chain restaurant is definitely a little quirky. But you can bet the next time I’m in Miami (which also would be the first time), I’ll be sliding through Chang’s After Dark… just to see WTF is up.

Basically, everyone leaving P.F. Chang’s this morning was emulating this other iconic P.F. customer:

HMC while I ride this horse. from r/holdmycosmo