Since I’ve Had Kids, I’ve Become A Horrible Pet-Mom

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IMG_0061My mother used to tell me that in her next life she wanted to be a cat in my house. I’ve always adored my pets and prided myself on being a great cat-mom. Since I’ve had kids, this has all changed. I ‘m starting to notice that I have less and less patience with this little furry being. You see, my cat is kind of a jerk, and I am so exhausted from caring for actual children that I don’t know if I have the patience for it anymore.

Lulu has never been a lover of people. She’s never really expressed any affection towards anyone but me. She was an okay pet before we had kids – but since the arrival of my son three years ago and now my 7-month-old – she’s become pretty unbearable. I was hoping her love for me would extend to my children, but – not so much. She hates them. She hisses at the kids and has even swiped at my toddler. My husband hates her as do all of my relatives.

In addition to the fact that she is a danger to be around, she’s now taken to running outside which is causing a new set of problems. This morning was the second time this week I’d been to my son’s pediatrician. He’d broken out in a pretty bad rash – and the medication they gave him to help with it wasn’t working. Today, the doctor was convinced he’s having a bad reaction to flea bites. Flea bites.

My cat’s few short jaunts outside have resulted in a pretty bad flea infestation in our home. I’ve bathed her. I’ve given her the monthly flea treatment. I got her a flea collar. Nothing seems to be helping. We’ve also laundered just about everything in the house – but the problem isn’t going away. It was bad enough when it was just her scratching – but my child? This is too much.

The fact that she’s kind of a danger to have around the kids coupled with this new problem she’s causing for my son is making me really feel like I need to find her a new home. Before I had kids, if I heard of people giving away their pets I always though, Gross. How could you do that? Maybe I need to spend some time trying to help with her behavior – but can that be done with a 7-year-old cat? I’m really feeling horrible about this – but I won’t have my child dealing with allergic reactions and being miserable either.

Ugh. What do I do here? I’m really at a loss.

(photo: Maria Guido)