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Mom Wants Kardashian Clothes Removed From Babies R’ Us So Her Baby Wont Be ‘A Sex Tape Star’

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Kardashian Kids leatherette skirtFirst, parents petitioned to get Breaking Bad figurines removed from Toys R’ Us because they felt it set a bad example. Now, another parent has started a petition to get clothes from the Kardashian Kids line removed from Babies R’ Us because she feels they are “damaging.” Next, I will start a petition to remove the color “Mustard Yellow” from everywhere because it is ugly, and it offends me. After all, the world needs to conform to my tastes and opinions, right? No? Oh.

Amie Logan, a mother of one from Kansas, has started a petition against the clothing line designed by Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney for baby girls ages 0 to 24 months. The Kardashian Kids line is made up of gold leggings, fur vests, and leatherette skirts. It also has pretty sweaters, cute onesies, and some adorable dresses. None of these “damaging” products are new to the marketplace (those crazy fur vests have been around for years) and none of them seem particularly offensive to me, but apparently all you have to do is pair the Kardashian name with a set of leggings and all of the sudden you’re trying to turn your toddler into a slut. I’m pretty sure if you put the name Blake Lively on these clothes people would buy them like crazy and then go home and bake cupcakes.

More than 2,400 parents have signed the petition so far, the first line of which is, “I don’t want my child to grow up to be a Sex Tape star.” Well then for God’s sake don’t let her wear a leopard print onesie! We all know that road leads straight to the pole. Jeez, folks, doesn’t a little thing called parenting come into play between “innocent baby” and “sex tape star” here? When I look at these clothes, I don’t see anything overly sexualized. But if all it takes is a little leatherette to turn a piece of clothing into a slut suit, then that’s your call, I suppose.

Many parents signing the petition are arguing that the Kardashians are bad role models. Eh. Agreed. But no one’s asking you to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians with your kids or talk about who the pretty lady with the face of stone is on the ad. It’s just clothing, y’all. If it’s not your taste, don’t buy it. Why do we keep having this discussion?!

The consumer is the one who has the most power in this equation. You just don’t buy shit if you don’t agree with it. Why should stores have to remove entire product lines because you’re offended? They’re just clothes, some of which are pretty darn cute. And can we at least give the Kardashians props for selling selling little girls’ clothes without any pink or purple in them? There are no hearts, no rainbows, and no ponies. To that, I say, “Gimme a high-five Kardashian girls but don’t cut me with your enormous rings.”

There are a lot of things we could use our power as parents to get up in arms about that could make a real difference in our kids’ futures. It’s an enormous waste of our outrage to get worked into a lather about a $32 fur vest.

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