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Top 6 Personalized Gifts On Etsy For Kids With Hard To Find Names

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Growing up with an uncommon name sucks sometimes. As a “Frances” could rarely find a personalized thing with my name on it. While all the “Ashley”s and “Jennifers”s (Oh, the Jennifers!) could have all the personalized license plates and mugs their hearts desired, I would be stuck with the lame ass ones with a stupid star or even worse, blank ones. Boo.

That’s the great thing about Etsy. For a (usually) reasonable price, you can order a personalized gift for ANY name (even Frances!).Below Are the cutest personalized gifts you can buy on Etsy for all the little Luxx and Sketches on your holiday gift list.

6. Camelback Water Bottle

I think the water bottle is the quintessential personalized gift. I still remember the racks of bottles with plenty of “Laura”s and even “Breeanna”s without a Frances in site. *Sad face* Not only can you choose the name on the bottle, but you can choose the font and font color. And for $15, the price is very reasonable, considering the brand.

5. Wooden Chest

Ok, let’s get beyond the fact that the picture above is for a “Brogan” (which sounds like the DudeBro-iest name on the planet) and talk about how cool this gift is. It would make an excellent memory box for a baby, or just a cute place to store some toys.

4. Art Smock

According to the Etsy store owner, this smock is durable, and has a “soil release” finish, which sounds perfect considering how messy kids are when it comes to art. You can also choose the font and font color with this, and it comes in shades of pink or blue.

3. Night Light

This store owner offers a ton of cool personalized night light. Besides the Little Mermaid, they also sell Darth Vader, Thomas the Tank Engine and monster trucks. The price is a little bit more than a crappy dollar store light, but these seem to be well made (the owner has an excellent rating) and they’re made to order. Very cool!

2. Stepping Stool

This is the perfect gift for a toddler just learning how to brush their teeth by themselves. Each one is made to order and hand painted without using stencils. I kinda want one myself.

1. Umbrella 

This can be personalized with either a full name or a monogram and the store owner offers various themes, such as the ladybug above or golf. This would be super cute with a  pair of toddler sized wellies and a raincoat!