10 Amazing Perks Of A Summer Pregnancy

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Ah, pregnancy. Some women love it, and some hate it. Some just like certain aspects of it and that’s the camp I fall in. For me, the best part was the end of my first pregnancy, that happened to fall in the summer. My daughter was born in mid-September and although everyone warned me of how hot and miserable I would be, I must admit — I loved having a summer pregnancy. My second child was born in early June and to me, being pregnant and stuck indoors all winter wearing ugly maternity sweaters was basically the worst. Couple that with my inactivity that resulted in a bajillion pound weight gain, and I will take summer pregnancy any day of the week. Here are some of the reasons you should be very excited for your summer pregnancy:

1. Maxi Dresses Are Comfy And Cute



Dressing as a heavily pregnant woman in the winter is kind of no fun. I never felt cute and I would be cold and then suddenly, breaking out in a sweat within 10 minutes. That’s why I LOVED being in my third trimester during the summer where I could throw on an adorable maxi dress that accentuated my belly and be done with it. No layers, no sweating, just cuteness.

2. Flip Flops Are Your BFF

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Toward the end of my winter pregnancy, I can remember cursing the fact that I needed to wear socks because hello, trying to bend around that bowling ball in my abdomen made it very hard to get them on. Slipping into flip flops or sandals all summer while hugely pregnant was the best ever.

3. Ice Cream All Day, Erryday

ice cream michelle


We went out for ice cream probably four times a week during my summer pregnancy. Because, pregnant. And ice cream. Duh.

4. Swimming Will Feel Amazing



When your body feels like it’s splitting at the seams, nothing feels better than floating around in water, weightless. I had bad sciatic nerve pain with my summer pregnancy and spent a ton of time in water because nothing else helped me feel so good.

5. Staying Active Is Easier



If you live in a miserable winter climate like me, you know how hard it can be to stay active. When pregnant, it’s even harder because who feels like trekking to the gym in a snowstorm while carrying an extra several pounds? When pregnant in the summer, I would take off for an evening stroll almost every night. It helped keep me in relatively decent shape, no question.

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