Perez Hilton Flaunts His Post-Baby Body In Bathtub Snaps With Son Mario

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perez hilton shares baby photosPerez Hilton baby photos of his new son Mario show the proud daddy looking slim and trim, if not a little exhausted. But that’s to be expected with long nights taking care of a newborn! From Perez

We are thrilled to formally introduce you all to the angel we are blessed to have as a son, Mario Armando Lavandeira, III Perez Hilton, Jr.

For the first time, we are showing pictures of our little man and Perez is speaking out about why he chose to be a single father.


Wait whaaaaaat? Who is this “we?” Is this like the royal “we?” I am so confused as to who the “we” refers to, because if Perez is a single daddy then I don’t get the “we.” Unless it is the royal “we.” Anyway, on his website you can download an entire photo album of Perez with little Mario, in case you need a nice photo to use in making Christmas cards or you are just very lonely.  Here we have daddy and baby in the bath. Can I just say I totally love Perez’s bathtub and tile work?

Perez Hilton Baby Pic


And now we have Perez doing what all parents of new babies do, dress them up like weirdos.



And here we have Perez and baby Mario just chillin’, and look at those abs on the both of them!



In all seriousness, such an adorable baby and I’m happy for the new dad. I just hope that he is now not changing career paths and is suddenly going to become a “mommy blogger” because I personally don’t need the competition. I suppose Perez Hilton shares baby photos because he is probably feeling guilty for all those times he shares amazingly unflattering photos of celebs with like, semen exploding from their eye sockets. Maybe this is his way of apologizing.

(Photos: Perez Hilton)