Perez Hilton Introduces The Blogosphere To His First Child

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Perez Hilton babyPerez Hilton, the man who famously turned pictures of celebrities into his own personal white board and notoriously called a 15-year-old Miley Cyrus a “slut,” has welcomed his first baby. The contemporary birth announcement — i.e. a post on his blog — has officially debuted the kid to his fans. Sort of.

This afternoon, Perez posted a picture of himself with his tightly concealed bundle, letting the world in on his big daddy news:

“Dear Friends,

I want you to hear this directly from me, right here.

I am ready to announce that earlier this month I was blessed with the birth of my first child, a beautiful and healthy baby boy – with lots of hair on his tiny head!

My family is overjoyed at this newest and most cherished addition.

Thank YOU for welcoming into your homes, offices, classrooms, cell phones and wherever else you may read my five websites.

And thank you for welcoming ME into your lives!

I am so humbled to welcome this little man into my life. And I am honored and ready for the challenge of guiding him through his.

With love,


And by “humbled,” I’m also going to take that to mean no more up the skirt shots of underage girls. Mazel tov!

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