Penis Whitening Is a Thing, In Case You Were Wondering

Plastic surgery has come a long way! It’s not just about filling lines and making boobs bigger and stomachs smaller anymore. A hospital in Bangkok, Thailand caused quite a furor when they posted a picture of an … interesting procedure they offer. The man in the picture in undergoing penis whitening. Which is exactly what it sounds like.

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Penis whitening really needs no explanation. Well, perhaps an explanation for WHY, but the procedure itself it pretty straightforward (that’s what she said).

penis whitening
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The clinic uses the same pigmentation laser equipment that is used in other skin procedures. The penis is blasted with the laser over a course of several sessions. Apparently, the laser will lighten the skin on the person’s member, making it more … something. Appealing? Attractive? I’m not exactly sure.

Penises are not attractive, no matter how you dress it up. They’re just not. But I guess if you have an issue with the color of yours, at least now you have a solution.

The same clinic that promoted the penis procedure also offers the same whitening for vaginas. Or, if your vag is looking a little thin, they’ll gladly remove fat from another area of your body and plump it up! What and why and what, my god.

The Thai Health Ministry has issued a warning after the picture of the penis whitening went viral. Obviously lasering your dick would hurt like hell, but the ministry also warned of other potential side effects of the completely unnecessary procedure, like inflammation, scars, and even problems with the reproductive system and penile function. What’s more, apparently stopping the treatment would cause the penis to return to it’s natural shade, and may even leave lasting spots. Sexy!

5 penis whitening sessions will set you back about $650US. Astonishingly, the clinic performs the procedure on approximately 100 men a month.

(Image: Facebook/ThinkInstitute)

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