Penelope Cruz’s Pregnant Sister Is Here To Be Your Artificial Insemination Cheerleader

shutterstock_95182948Happiness and blessings to the Cruz family who are expecting a new addition via the wonders of science. Penelope Cruz‘s 35-year-old little sister, Mónica Cruz, is about to become a single mommy thanks to artificial insemination.

The expecting mother, who is quite the big deal in her native Spain, reportedly told Spanish paper El País that she wanted to be candid about the pregnancy to bypass those “so who is the dad?” inquiries. No dad here. Mónica is doing this all on her own:

“I am going to be a mother! I have managed to fulfill the dream of a lifetime. Because of that I want to share with all of you this special journey and to be able to tell you about all my experiences during this fascinating time…I want to tell, also, so I can have the opportunity to show my thanks to all those anonymous men that help to give many women like me, the dream of their lives…If with this I can help others who have doubts, then here you have me if you need me.”

Hear that anonymous sperm donors? You never know what A-list celebrity actress might come across your ID number and jot it down. Among other ladies, of course. Congratulations to Mónica!

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