12 Easter Recipes That Prove Peeps Aren’t Totally Disgusting

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I fucking love Peeps. As soon as I see Peeps lining the shelves at the grocery store, I know Easter is right around the corner. As I’ve become a grown-up, I fully acknowledge that Peeps are absolutely disgusting. But the fact that they are so rare and elusive (except for the obvs Peeps-on-Halloween sacrilege) makes them magically delicious in the spring season.

Besides the played out Peep in the microwave trick, there are many, many amazing things that you can do with this overly sugary goodness. Instead of serving Peeps the boring way for Easter—crammed into a basket full of other goodies—you can use these Peep-tastic tutorials and recipes to take Peeps to the next level.

Peeps are awesome and also kind of gross, if you think about them for too long. Here are 12 super-amazing Peeps recipes that you can break in this Easter:

1. How did that Peep get in the egg?!?! I don’t know—read the recipe.

2. How did that Peep get in the tuxedo?!?! I don’t know—read the recipe.

3. This Peep cake… takes the cake.

4. I can get on board with this festive Easter cocktail.

5. Get your shit together and make Peeps s’mores—they are so EASY.

6. This is really fucking weird, but yes, I will eat Peeps sushi.

7. Peeps race cars are uber-creative, and your kids will love them.

8. I always love watching my Peep die a slow, painful death.

9. Put your Peep on some random confection and call it Easter.

10. Peep-kabobs can pass for food if you’re lazy.

11. If you’re really anti-establishment, you’ll make your own Peeps at home like the #hipster you are.

12. Peep edible panties: I vote no, but hey, it’s Easter!