Peeps Giant Gingerbread Man Marshmallows Are Here

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peeps giant gingerbread man

Image: Peeps

If there’s one thing you should just stop trying to do, it’s control sugar intake during the holidays. Like, just give it up. It’s not going to happen! If you live a fairly healthy lifestyle for 9 months of the year, relaxing a bit from October-December can’t be that bad. Right? How is one supposed to watch what they eat when we go from one treat-heavy holiday to the next? We’re supposed to just NOT eat Halloween candy and Thanksgiving pie and holiday treats? REALLY? No. We say no. Life is short, eat the damn candy. Have two pieces of pie. And stock your house with enough holiday treats to last through January. T’is the season, after all! We’re about to be bombarded with every kind of holiday goodie imaginable, but so far, we have an early front-runner. Feast your eyes on the Peeps Giant Gingerbread Man marshmallow.

The name nails what this massive beast of a treat is: it is a VERY large marshmallow in the shape of a gingerbread man. This is not your normal teeny Peep. This is a stand-alone confection that doesn’t need an entire row in a package. There is no room in the sleeve for more than one of these gingerbread men. And we wouldn’t recommend eating more than one of these at a time anyway, LOL.

The Peeps Giant Gingerbread Man is four inches of marshmallowy goodness.

peeps giant gingerbread man

Image: Peeps

Remember when Peeps were JUST for Easter? You could choose between chicks and bunnies in a variety of pastels. That’s it, that’s all we got. Clearly, our childhoods were lacking. But our kids have it so much better. Now you can buy Peeps all year long, for every damn holiday. Halloween? Pumpkins and ghosts. Thanksgiving? THEY HAVE TURKEYS. It wouldn’t surprise us if they had Peeps for Flag Day, tbh.

But this is a special Peep. This guy is massive, and lordy is he cute! Each gingerbread man comes in its own package (remember, FOUR INCHES), and like real gingerbread men, each has a smile on their face. The best part? They actually taste like gingerbread! And they’re coated in brown sugar. Our teeth hurt just typing that.

The Peeps Giant Gingerbread Man treats are available for purchase on their website.

gingerbread man GIF by LEGO

Image: Giphy

One single Peep will set you back $1.25. Or, you can also buy a whole case of smaller gingerbread men Peeps, like we’re used to seeing. These come in a pack of three smaller Peeps, and a case of 12 is $32.00. These would make the perfect stocking stuffers and treats for holiday parties!

Remember, sugar doesn’t count at Christmas. Eat the Peeps.