CrossFit Mom Says She Pees During Workouts and She’s Tired of Being Embarrassed About It

Many moms know that peeing before you have a baby can be different from peeing after you have a baby. While it’s not guaranteed, lots of moms experience a touch of urinary incontinence after a vaginal delivery. For some, it’s simply a few drops when you’re laughing, or maybe a tiny dribble while being tickled. Others have a more extreme response. But no story about peeing after baby has ever made me raise my eyebrows more than this CrossFit mom speaking out about (involuntarily) peeing during her workouts. It is without a doubt the most bizarre instance, and yet when she tells it, you mostly just shrug and nod.

Former gymnast and current CrossFit competitor Liza Brice is not shy about bodily fluids. In fact, she’s totally willing to admit her incontinence, and how she no longer lets it affect her well-being. For Brice, it began as it does for many postpartum mamas. You laugh a little too long, or you sneeze a little too hard, and suddenly, you feel a tiny trickle. She assumed that it would go away on its own, but eventually, she realized it was just a new way of life. It did, however, begin to take a toll on her workouts.

“I remember the first time I front squatted 200 pounds (which was a big goal for me) I peed pretty bad and was really embarrassed. After that I felt self-conscience about it and would hold back the weight for fear of peeing in front of a room full of strangers.”

Who can blame her? It’s hard enough feeling yourself unable to control your bladder, but it’s a totally different thing to also admit it to everyone in your room…while they watch. It’s enough to make many moms simply throw in the towel. Brice was tired of how it made her feel.

“One day I kept failing squat after squat and was getting very frustrated because I knew I was physically strong enough to make the lift.”

Her coach even pulled her aside to ask why she was having so much trouble doing lifts that she normally could do without a problem.

“I told her my pee issue, and she was like ‘So, who cares?! We can always clean up.'”

That moment was a turning point for Brice. And she realized she wasn’t alone.

“I realized it’s not a big deal; I was making it a big deal. I got tired of letting something I really can’t control hold me back. Just because my bladder is weak doesn’t mean I am!”

Good point! Brice has one thing to say to all the other mamas who might be feeling a bit sheepish about peeing in front of others due to incontinence.

“There is disinfectant and paper towels all over the gym, so if it happens, finish the lift and clean it up after ”” a little pee is worth it.”

(Image: Instagram / @lisabruce_jr)

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