This Pediatrician’s Vaccination Rant Deserves to Go Viral Again and Again

California pediatrician Mike Ginsberg became famous in 2015 for taking a no-nonsense stand against anti-vaccination garbage by declaring in no uncertain terms that if you intended to not vaccinate for personal preference reasons or make up your own “delayed” vaccination schedule, then you can just GTFO of his practice and find yourself another pediatrician. Now his post is making the rounds again, because it deserves to be pinned to the front page of the Internet forever, because vaccines don’t cause autism, and parents who opt not to vaccinate because they think they know more than the Mayo Clinic are being irresponsible and putting other people at risk.

In 2015, as a measles outbreak was spreading in California due to parents not vaccinating their children because of fears that vaccines cause autism, Dr. Mike Ginsberg decided he couldn’t take it anymore with the anti-vax parents trying to skip vaccinations or make up their own vaccination schedules for no reason and putting other children in his office at risk. So he took to Facebook and announced in no uncertain terms that in his practice, kids would be vaccinated unless there was a legitimate medical reason not to.

Parents who refuse to vaccinate their children can find themselves another doctor, because Mike Ginsberg does not put up with that foolishness.

Pediatrician's vaccination rant

Parents committed to not vaccinating or following their own vaccination schedules would be happier with a different pediatrician anyway, because Ginsberg is passionate about vaccination.

“I am passionate about ensuring that children are up-to-date on all their vaccinations because immunization saves lives,” he says on his professional website. “Immunization is the single greatest and most important accomplishment of modern medicine and public health ever.”

“Diseases that children used to die of have been eradicated. And immunization helps to prevent the spread of disease to people who may not be immunized,” he explains. “I work to make sure that parents understand the facts on this issue and take time to educate them on the importance of following the immunization schedule.”

If, after all that, a parent still thinks Kristin Cavallari is a better source of medical information and wants to not vaccinate or make up their own vaccination rules, then it’s time to find another doctor.

There’s probably a nice quack somewhere who’d be thrilled to tell you that maple syrup and Greek yogurt are better at preventing disease than an MMR vaccine.

Dr. Mike Ginsberg sounds like a pretty great pediatrician. Does your doctor have a policy on vaccinations?

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