This Pediatrician’s Trick for Calming a Crying Newborn Is as Adorable as it Is Effective

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(Photo: Robert Hamilton/YouTube)

One of the many, many bewildering things about having a newborn is figuring out what to do when the baby is crying. They cry and cry! But why? Are they upset? We don’t want the babies to be upset, but calming them down and making them happy again can sometimes be difficult if we can’t figure out what they want. But pediatrician Bob Hamilton at Pacific Ocean Pediatrics in Santa Monica has been taking care of babies for about 30 years, and he is very good at calming little babies down.

In his wonderful, adorable, and very calming YouTube video, Dr. Hamilton demonstrates his special “hold” for calming down newborn babies.

In the video, he demonstrates on a couple of crying newborns who have just gotten shots. That would make any baby cry, and these guys are no exception. But Dr. Hamilton simply picks them up with their arms folded in against their bodies and holds them at a 45 degree angle with one hand under the baby’s chest and one hand under the baby’s bottom, then he gently just bounces or wiggles them around.

The babies love it. Even though they just got shots in their little baby thighs, they instantly calm down and just happily flop into Hamilton’s hands and let him bounce them.

According to Hamilton, “The Hold” works well on babies up until about three months old. By the time they’re that big, they’re generally too big and unwieldy to bounce around in one’s hands like that.

Hamilton is adorable, too. I love the way he bounces the one little boy, “This is a good baby!” and just kisses him right on the head. It looks like Dr. Hamilton is in the right line of work for sure.

Check out his whole video right here, and be sure to send the link to anyone you know with a newborn. I wish I’d had this a year ago.


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