College Students Are Chugging Pedialyte To Cure Hangovers Which Us Moms Did First

pedialyte__1381759194_74.134.205.46You guys, college students are copying us by drinking Pedialyte as a hangover cure and what mom hasn’t tried this? My own mother has even told me to do this, with either the toddler beverage or Gatorade when I am hungover. This isn’t a new thing, and credit should be given where credit is due, preferably to the moms of this world who have totally sucked down some of this drink when we have had a little too many drinks the night before. From The NY Daily News:

Pedialyte is also a favorite hangover remedy of undergraduate and graduate students in the Windy City. Foxtrot, an app that Chicago residents can use to have corner store goods delivered to their door, is working on adding it to their menu after getting numerous requests.

“They were almost ‘demands’ more than requests,” the company told the Daily News.

This drink is supposed to be used to replenish fluids in sick kids, but I swear it helps me feel better when I have drank too much the night before. That, cold sodas, extra coffees, Bloody Mary’s, getting drunk again, and lots of bacon products. And napping.

That’s my official hangover cure so let me know if you see any college students trying to steal my jam you guys. Actually, the makers of pedialyte should jump on this and market it towards adults by just swapping out the label and calling it “hangoverlyte” or something. I’m just going to cut to the chase and start using it as a mixer.

(Image: Pedialyte)

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