25 Surprising Facts About Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

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A pelvic exam can catch growths and abnormalities in reproductive organs.


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All women are recommended to get their first pelvic exam at the age of 21 years old according to Healthline. After 21, women should get pelvic exams regularly. Many women get their first pelvic exam when they start birth control. However, women who are concerned about reproductive health issues, such as PCOS, ovarian cancer, and cysts, should get pelvic exams. A doctor performs a pelvic exam by observing the vagina and vulva. Then they insert a speculum into your vagina and swipe your cervix before taking out the speculum. Then, they manually inspect your vagina and vulva with gloves. This exam tests for irregularities in ovaries and the uterus and ovarian cancer.

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