25 Surprising Facts About Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

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Avoiding stress could help treat your PCOS.

pcos facts

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Unfortunately, in our daily life, stress is inevitable. Stress has negative effects on our bodies, including lowered immune response, breakouts, and anxiety. For women with PCOS, stress can have an even worse effect on their body. They can experience increased PCOS symptoms such as severe breakouts, hair loss, and missed periods. Even though you cannot fully avoid stress, you can reduce stress and control your response to it. Many ways to reduce stress include yoga, taking walks outside, and incorporating self-care into your weekly routine, according to Healthline. Getting adequate sleep and avoiding caffeine can help to prevent stress in the first place. Don’t think that you can give up that daily cup of coffee? Avoid drinking coffee first thing in the morning or right before bed and limit your intake to one to two cups a day.

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