Paula Deen’s Sons Swear On Their Godly, Butter-Drenched Childhood That They Weren’t Raised In A Racist Household

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paula deenPaula Deen is currently — and rightfully — dealing with a raft of shit after reportedly throwing around the N-word and talking about how stellar it would be to have a plantation-themed wedding……………….? (I can’t even). But her sons Bobby Deen and Jamie Deen are now popping up on TV to swear by their mother’s godly, non-racist, parenting ways. According to them, she’s a “good” mother –therefore incapable of being racist. What these men are failing to account for is that even people who feed, clothe, love, and make butter-saturated dishes for their children are completely capable of harboring VERY problematic notions about people of color. It’s not like all racists are running around with Batman masks, beating their kids for twerking, and leaving them to starve. (Like Paula would let anyone starve.)

The brothers reportedly told CNN the following:

“That word, that horrifying, terrible word that exists and I abhor it coming from any person … we weren’t raised in a home where that word was used,” Bobby Deen told CNN’s New Day program on Tuesday – referring to the N-word, which Paula Deen has admitted in a legal deposition to having used in the past. “Neither one of our parents ever taught us to be bigoted toward any other person for any reason,” he added. “Our mother is one of the most compassionate, good-hearted, empathetic people that you’d ever meet. These accusations are very hurtful to her, and it’s very sad.”

Hey, you know what’s “hurtful” to a lot of people? Gabbing about how hilarious it would be to dress up black people like your own little Gone With The Wind props. Despite whatever flushes of embarrassment Paula Deen may feel about having to cancel her original Today show interview or being fired from the Food Network (boo hoo hoo, life is so unjust for the wealthy white lady who made a food empire), I find the characterization of people of color AS SLAVES for your slave-theme-y wedding to be about 1000000 times more “hurtful.”

Once I finish doling out empathy for that level of degradation, I’ll see if I have any left over for Deen and her dropped contract and this alleged “character assignation.”

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