State Rep Sues To Ensure His Daughters Do Not Have Access To Birth Control, Because Of Course

paul-weiland-state-repAre you guys ready to meet either the most deluded or the most attention-hungry politician in the world? His name is Paul Wieland, and he is the a Missouri State Representative who is suing the Obama Administration over the Affordable Care Act.

According to MSNBC, he and his wife, who is named Teresa and does not represent other Theresas in any significant way, are making like the douchecanoes over at Hobby Lobby and actually suing in order to deny his three daughters, who are 13, 18, and 19 birth control.

I had to read the story a few times because I am completely confused by exactly what it is that this guy is hoping to accomplish. Because, to my thinking, if you really wanted a child to not have birth control, you could just not give it to them, right? Here it is broken down:

”The employees are to Hobby Lobby what the daughters are to Paul and Teresa Wieland,” Timothy Belz, an attorney from the conservative Thomas More Society, who represents the Wielands, told a panel of three federal judges on the appeals court in St. Louis on Monday. A district court had dismissed the case, saying the Wielands lacked standing to sue.

So, they’d actually tried this once before, before the Hobby Lobby case was ever decided. It was thrown out, but given that the Supreme Court ruled against the ACA then, the Wielands and their lawyer say that their case is stronger and can be brought again.

Thanks, Obama!

One of the judges also wondered that if Wieland wanted a grandchild so badly, why didn’t he just forbid his daughters from ever getting birth control? After all, they must share his religious belief.

One of the judges pointed out that parents might have more control over their kids than employers, and that parents could just say to their kids, ”We expect you do abide by our religious tenets.” Belz replied, ”Well, we all have high hopes for our kids, that is true. We all expect and want them to obey us, they don’t always ”¦”

They also compared the basic coverage mandate to forcing Mormons to have an unlocked, fully stocked liquor cabinet in their homes. Wut? Another glorious analogy said that birth control for teens was like sending them away to college where the only channel is pornography, which sounds awesome but unlikely.

Of course, this isn’t about Wieland’s daughters at all. It’s about soaking up some sweet attention, wasting the courts’ time and sending a message. Trust me, we get it, you don’t think women should have sexy-sex unless they do it to your exact beliefs and specifications, we’ve heard it all before. I mean, A+ on the classy move of bringing your children into it so that you can make a point, but also F- for coming across like a crazy person.

I guess there isn’t much to do but grab some popcorn and let this unfold. Eventually he’ll either go away or get the attention he craves. After which we will all have a front row seat for when his daughters get to college and rebel magnificently.

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