10 People Forcing Their Pets To Be Patriotic

People are serious about showing their love for America on the Fourth of July. Some people like to do it via their pets. Considering most pets are totally freaked out by fireworks, I’m not sure this is a day they really want to celebrate. But let’s not think about that right now. Let’s think about how amazing these forced shows of animal patriotism are.

On a serious note, if you decide to do any of the following things to your pet, resist the temptation to show them off to the general public by bringing them to your local fireworks show.  More pets go missing on July fourth than any other day of the year, as noises from fireworks can spook them into running away. Keep your pets safe and inside.


1. Poor kitty.

patriotic-petsYou know this cat is just thinking, “Eff you and your country, lady.” (Pinterest)

2. I’m supposed to be the Statue Of Liberty.


You know this cat is thinking, “Really? This is the best you could do?” (spindlesandspices)

3. I am not amused.


I know dogs are generally more agreeable than cats, but you know this one is thinking, “Eff my life.” (bodaciousboomer)

4. I want YOU to remove this hat.

patriotic-petsKitties like sleeping in hats, not wearing them.

5. Lady Liberty looks sad.


Poor thing. She hates Fourth of July. (Pinterest)

6. We’re confused.


I wanted the flag prop! I wanted the boot! (Eric Isselee/ Shutterstock)

7. Great idea.


This cat is adorable, but let’s not forget that it’s also pissed. (Pinterest)

8. Pissed-off patriotism.


Happy Fourth of July, jerks.

9. Dogs don’t need boobs.


 This is just weird.

10. I’m actually enjoying this.



This somehow just works.

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