Woman Who Apparently Lives In A Soap Opera Discovers Her Twins Have Two Different Fathers

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shutterstock_257910377A mother in the process of trying to get child support from her children’s father made the shocking discovery that she is actually living in a soap opera when the results of a paternity test revealed that her two twins have different fathers.

According to the New York Times, a New Jersey woman was applying for public assistance, and while doing so she listed her boyfriend as the father of her two toddler twins. That process reportedly required a paternity test so that the boyfriend could be made to pay child support for the two babies. But when the results of the test came back, they proved that the boyfriend was only the father of one of the babies. The other twin had a different father completely.

The news shocked everyone involved, including the judge. The mother admitted that she had had sex with another man the week she got pregnant, which led to the very rare situation of a woman delivering a set of twins with two different fathers.

Anyone who has ever tried to get pregnant probably knows that sperm can live in a woman’s uterus for several days. In this case, what presumably happened is that her body released two eggs in one menstrual cycle, and one was fertilized by a sperm from her boyfriend and the other was fertilized by a sperm from the other man. It is unlikely that anybody would ever have discovered this, except for the paternity test.

Dr. Karl-Hans Wurzinger, the laboratory director of the Identity Testing Division at Laboratory Corporation of America, estimates that one in every 13,000 paternity cases involves a set of twins fathered this way. That actually seems like a lot, considering that we’re talking about the number of twins born with different fathers.

According to the judge who was presiding over the case, the woman’s boyfriend will only be expected to pay child support for the toddler that is genetically his offspring. The man with whom the woman cheated will have to pay child support for the second twin.