UPDATED: Breaking Terrifying Reports Of A United Passenger Poisoning Everyone On Board A Flight From Hong Kong

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Passenger Claims To Have Poisoned Everyone On United FlightI will be updating as soon as we have more information, but according to various news sources a flight from Hong Kong to Newark is carrying a passenger who claims that he poisoned everyone on board. According to the local ABC news:

The passenger is being restrained by other passengers.

Law enforcement officials in New York and Washington, D.C., are aware of the incident and are responding.

There is no evidence that passengers have been poisoned, and officials believe the man who made the claim is emotionally disturbed.

The flight is set to land at 1:30 local time in Newark. I really hope that these are just claims from a disturbed person and aren’t true at all. I will keep updating as new information comes in, but until then I hope these people are okay. I’m not sure how someone could go about poisoning everyone on an airplane, but it’s terrifying anyway. I can imagine what these people on this flight must be going through, especially if they are traveling with children. How scary for them. Will update as soon as we have more information.


The passenger who made the statements that people on the plane had been poisoned was met at Newark by over a dozen law enforcement officials. According to eyewitnesses on the flight, he had been screaming about Edward Snowden and that he also had secrets from the CIA. From

The FBI had said earlier that the man claimed everyone aboard was being poisoned but the agency now says it’s working to clarify what the man said.

Jacques Roizen, one of the passengers who restrained the man responsible for the incident, told ABC News that around 10 hours into the 16 hour flight,the suspect started screaming.

Roizen said that the man claimed he was poisoned, had secrets from the CIA and mentioned Edward Snowden’s name a number of times. Roizen said he did not believe the man ever said he poisoned people on the plane.

According to a report I saw on CNN, some of the passengers who helped restrain the man calmed him down by telling him stories about their own children and Father’s Day. According to passengers, even though the man was screaming he was concerned about scaring children who were also on the flight. The FBI said the man has been hospitalized.

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