Low-Key Ways Your Partner Is Making Your Pregnancy More Difficult Than It Needs To Be

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By still expecting you to do any chores

Image: Tenor/NobleDame

When I was pregnant with my third daughter I poked my bump with the handle of the vacuum while trying to clean our carpets. Everyone was fine, but the somersaulting baby let me know she was not impressed. The point of the story is that pregnant women should be excused from housework. They’re busy. Making a tiny human isn’t easy and having your center of balance shifted is no picnic either. Significant others can pick up the workload around the house for at least the last three months of gestation. It’ll make everyone happier. Chores will actually get done in a timely manner, Mama won’t have to cover her nose and mouth to clean the bathroom, and she won’t spend the entire time cleaning giving her partner some serious side eye.

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