Low-Key Ways Your Partner Is Making Your Pregnancy More Difficult Than It Needs To Be

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Eating the things you can’t have

Image: Instagram/leahbehrens

There’s so much a pregnant woman can’t have, and that’s hard for her. It’s not nice to eat things like sushi, unheated lunch meat, or soft cheeses in front of her. Worse, she can’t have booze. Does that mean that her partner has to lay off drinking, too? Nope, it doesn’t. She probably just doesn’t want to see her significant other rubbing it in. A beer at night, if that’s how you roll, is probably fine. Going to a wine tasting at the vineyard she’s been wanting to try is not such a good move. Also, she probably doesn’t want to see any liquor escapades on her partner’s social media. It doesn’t say “baby ready.”

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