Low-Key Ways Your Partner Is Making Your Pregnancy More Difficult Than It Needs To Be

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When they act like this pregnancy is so hard on them

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Supportive partners do a lot, really. It’s important to remember that they’re preparing for and going through a momentous life change as well. This is the case whether it’s kid #1 or kid #5. Each baby changes a family and each pregnancy is different. Still, it’s best if partners don’t act like those midnight taco trips or shopping trips for nursing bras are so taxing. Whatever stress they’re under is probably threefold for their pregnant significant other. After all, she’s under the same pressure and has to pee every half hour whether she’s sleeping or not. Almost no one is pleasant when they’re tired, hormonal, and ready to pop. Honestly, humor is the best policy here. Laugh at her request, then fulfill it for her. She’ll be thankful and have a full belly. Wins all around.

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