Paris Jackson Is A Victim Of Bullying, Proving That High School Sucks No Matter Who You Are

paris jackson oprahParis Jackson is proof that you can be famous and drop-dead gorgeous, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get picked on at school. In fact, Michael Jackson‘s 14-year-old daughter tells Oprah Winfrey she’s being bullied at her fancy private school. The good news is she doesn’t let it get it her (or at least she claims it doesn’t work). The bad news is that no one not even Paris Jackson is immune from bullying.

Oprah, of course, tries to dig deeper, asking Paris why she thinks people don’t like her. And the poor girl has no answers. “Do you think they’re jealous?” asks Oprah. “I don’t know, maybe,” replies Paris. “Do you sense people trying to use you?” continues Oprah, to which Paris replies, “If I feel someone is being fake to me, I will just push away.”

She then goes on to explain how there are kids at her school who speak badly behind her back. “They don’t think that I can hear them but a lot of times I can hear them. A lot of times my friends tell me what they say. And I’m, like, ‘Okay, cool,'” she says with a shrug. You kind of get the sense that she truly doesn’t care, though who knows what’s going on in that head of hers. I imagine it can’t be easy just being Michael Jackson’schild in the first place, then having your classmates pick on you once you’re finally done with homeschooling and attempting to lead a more “normal” life.

Paris also told Oprah about her early childhood and how her late father wanted her and her brothers to have as much fun as possible because he felt that he personally had missed out. “He told us that when he was younger he didn’t really have a childhood. He would always be stuck in the studio singing while the kids were out playing. He wanted us to have that,” said Paris. “Chuck E. Cheese’s and Toys R Us were our favorite places to go.”


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