STFU Parents: Parents Who Share Unnecessary ‘Memories’ And Timehop Photos On Facebook

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5. Toenail Update


Documoms might be the worst types to have access to memory apps. They’re already documenting so much of what most people DON’T want to see, but now it’s like they’re oversharing random pictures of body parts and rashes doubly as often. “Remember the time my baby got pink eye and puss came oozing out of her eye for a week straight? Here’s a photo in case you forgot!!!” ::shudder::

While I understand that Jesika is glad that her son’s toenail grew back — and I’m thrilled for her son’s foot, really I am — there’s no good reason to share this memory on Facebook unless it’s Halloween. That is one scary, ugly toe. Keep that thing away from me. This isn’t the stuff memories are made of. This is nightmare fuel. Anyone who thinks this is why Timehop was created is delusional. Parents, there may be some memories worth re-sharing about your kids, but it’s a good idea to really think through which ones you do. Otherwise, some of your friends will be forced to Hide you, and interacting with them on Facebook will be a thing of the past.

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