STFU Parents: Parents Who Share Unnecessary ‘Memories’ And Timehop Photos On Facebook

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4. Free Chili Dog Day Memories

This submission involves truly sharing a concrete “memory.” An event transpired, and it was absolutely, 100% worth documenting the first time around.


#sorrynotsorry, Cassie’s into photographing barf on the sidewalk as a form of Facebook entertainment. #sorrynotsorry, Cassie thinks Before and After photos are freaking funny. #sorrynotsorry, Cassie and her friends downloaded the Timehop app so they could remember days like this one at Chillers (great name for a restaurant, btw) — and remind their other friends, too!


It’s pictures like this that prove that digital photography is the greatest invention of our time. Franny, you may have taken the World’s Most Pointless Photo. Thanks for capturing the memories so you could re-capture and share them one year later. #yupithappened #blessed

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