Lazy Parents Want Sex Off TV Completely, Because That’s Easier Than Parenting

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Oh, Parents Television Council. Why must you exist and continue to perpetuate the idea that parents are pearl-clutching prudes who would rather eliminate anything potentially sexual for their kids than actually parent? Their current enemy is WE tv, the network behind the new show, Sex Box. And hell hath no fury like a parent who would rather not have to pay attention to what their kids watch on TV, and would instead prefer to petition away the things they find objectionable. It seems these parents want sex off TV and it’s just not realistic.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Parent Television Council (PTC) would like WE tv dropped entirely from cable packages to save their precious snowflakes from people having sex…in a soundless box:

”In order for a child to watch the Disney Channel, her parents must now also pay for a live sex show on WE tv,” PTC president Tim Winter said in a statement. “Something is terribly, horribly broken in the marketplace when an industry is capable of making that happen.”

Winter argues that while a show like Sex Box might pop up on a premium network, children shouldn’t be exposed to it on basic cable.

“If some adults want to watch a program like that, let them pay for it. But forcing it into the basic cable bundle and making parents and families pay for it is an outrage,” Winter added. “Sex Box should never see the light of day on basic cable.”

Think of the children!! And the DISNEY! Jesus Christ, seriously? Do these jackasses really think any parent worth their salt would allow their kids to watch this show? And even if they did, the Sex Box is apparently opaque and soundproof. We have only the couple’s word that The Sex has even taken place. So, they are objecting to them just talking about sex? To me, that makes it no more racy than a TV sitcom where a couple heads off to the bedroom and we are led to believe they have done the deed. Why is this such a problem? From the sounds of it, main networks probably have TV shows with more sexual content than this.

And hey, PTC, instead of expecting the world to bend to your morals, how about you actually do your job as a parent? We have a cable package that includes Cinemax and Showtime. Of course, that means we have soft-core porn as part of the on-demand portion. As such, I do not give my kids free reign over the TV remote- I put it on something appropriate for them and take the remote away. The cable box is not within their reach either. I know we also have parental controls we could set but I find the stolen remote control method to be pretty effective.

I also take issue with their “a la carte” cable package argument:

The PTC’s argument is in keeping with its support for a la carte cable subscriptions, something the organization advocated in its opposition to a series of graphic sex scenes in a recent Sons of Anarchy episode.

This a la carte cable subscription sounds lovely in theory, because believe me, there is plenty of junk on my cable package that I never watch, but how would that happen? I imagine everyone would have a different idea for the best set of channels for their household. The cable companies could never sustain this. Not to mention, certain stations are bundled together for a reason- because they belong to the same entity. Some things could not be separated because of contracts.

Bottom line, instead of asking the rest of the world to jump through flaming hoops, how about the PTC polices their own children instead? There are plenty of things in life that a parent may find morally objectionable and it is the job of the parent to handle these situations for their own children. Hopefully, teaching them something in the process. Also, wouldn’t it be nice if the PTC got their heads out of their asses and used their “power” to tackle actual problems facing children today? Hunger, childhood cancer, violence in schools, educational funding- the list is endless. Why are questionable morals on prime time television the issue they are willing to hang their hats on? Stop it, PTC. Really. You are wasting your time and making us all look bad.

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