Parents Are Super Mad at This Dad’s Adult Peppa Pig Videos on YouTube

Parent have strong opinions about kids’ TV shows. Is Doc McStuffins rad? Yes, she is. Is Caillou the devil? Yes, he is. Well one Irish dad was being driven to his wits’ end by the sweet, innocent, whistle-shaped face of Peppa Pig, and he decided to have himself a bit of a laugh by making some adult-themed Peppa Pig parody videos and putting them up on YouTube. Now he’s had millions of views and thousands of subscribers, but some parents don’t think his videos are funny, and they’re really mad.

According to the Irish Mirror, Stephen Rattigan was watching so many Peppa Pig videos with his 4-year-old daughter that he decided it would be funny to make Peppa’s sweet, saccharine TV family talk like real people, which meant swearing constantly and yelling at each other.

“I was so sick listening to them so I thought it would be fun to do a funny spin and revoice Peppa as adults – but adults that aren’t all lovey dovey and happy,” he said.

So he started making videos in which Peppa’s mom screams “I told you to hang this fucking picture four fucking times!” and Peppa’s dad hangs the picture while saying, “Fucking bitch.”

Some of the videos include violence, adult themes, and a plane crashing into the house and killing everyone. Stephen thinks it’s pretty funny, and so do a lot of other people. His “Peppa for Adults” series has gotten millions of views and he has thousands of subscribers.

Not everyone loves it, though.

Some parents think his videos are inappropriate for children–which is completely true. But they’re also called “Peppa for Adults” and say that they’re for adults, not kids, right on the video.

There are a lot of YouTube scammers targeting kids with weird, inappropriate, off-brand versions of famous kids’ shows like Doc McStuffins and Peppa Pig, but those are disguised to look like the real show and get through YouTube Kids’ child-friendly content filters. You can often tell those by their search-engine-optimized titles. I found one called “Disney Kids Doc McStuffins Full Episodes Nursery Rhymes Songs Finger Family” and it was clearly just named that to get in front of as many kids’ eyes as possible.

Ratigan’s videos are clearly marked as adult parody content, so it seems like the only kids at risk of seeing them would be kids browsing unfiltered, grown-up YouTube without supervision, and any kid doing that would be lucky if the worst thing they encountered was Peppa Pig’s dad shouting “Fuck.”



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