Total Square Principal Asks Parents to Please, Please Stop Smoking Weed During the School Drop-Off

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Get ready to embrace your inner sanctimommy, because a school in the U.K. has just sent home the most WTF school letter I’ve ever seen, and for once I’m not on the side of the misbehaving parents. This time, somewhere in Manchester, a teacher actually had to send a letter home asking parents to please, please stop smoking weed while they’re dropping their kids off at school.

Principals and headmasters constantly seem to be sending scolding letters to parents instructing them how to behave. Don’t wear pajamas at the school drop-off! Don’t wear yoga pants! Don’t use bad language in front of the kids! Don’t forget to pay your kid’s lunch account! But this one is legitimately ridiculous. They shouldn’t have to tell parents not to smoke weed while they’re dropping their kids off at school because parents should definitely not be doing that. It’s not even an anti-weed thing, either. I mean, why not just wait until you’re at home? Or in the park? Or wherever people go to smoke weed that is not immediately in front of the gates of an elementary school.

According to the BBC, the note was sent to the parents of children attending the St. John’s CofE Primary School in Radcliffe on Friday, and it was reposted to the Spotted:Radcliffe Facebook page. Deputy head teacher Deborah Binns wrote:

“We have had concerning reports that parents have been using cannabis around the school premises as they drop off and collect their children. This has been reported by parents and has been noticed by some of the older children.

“This is a serious safeguarding concern and if further complaints are brought to our attention, we will notify the relevant authorities. We have informed the community police service and they are likely to be keeping a close eye on the situation.

“Please respect our school as a place of learning and make sure you set an appropriate example within the community.”

Even teenagers know not to smoke weed directly in front of the school. What are these parents thinking? How many parents could it even be? Is there just one parent and the school had to send a letter to everyone to make it look like they aren’t singling one person out, or are there whole mom groups just sparking up as soon as their kids go through the gate?

There are so many questions about this story that need to be answered, but most of them are just some variant on: “Jesus guys, why not just wait until you get home?”