81 Percent Of Parents Admit To Pilfering Their Kids’ Halloween Candy, 19 Percent Of Parents Are Liars

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shutterstock_92423812__1382882720_142.196.156.251All parents steal their kids Halloween candy, right?  Well, unless that parent is one of the elusive “I don’t like sweets” weirdos. 81 percent of parents admit to pilfering their kids’ Halloween candy stock – which probably means 19 percent of parents are liars.

The National Confectioner’s Association conducted a survey in which they asked parents to answer questions about the parameters they set for their children and those they have for themselves around Halloween time. Guess what? Most of us are more strict with our child’s candy intake than our own. Why am I not surprised?

And here’s where another old adage comes into play. Do as I say, not as I do.Most parents consider themselves the gatekeepers to holiday candy, with 41 percent of parents claiming they limit their child’s consumption to a couple of pieces of candy a day until the cache runs out. But while they keep tabs on how much their kids chow down on, it seems they’re more lenient with their own consumption. 81 percent of parents surveyed in the NCA’s survey confess that they take candy from their kids’ Halloween haul, with 46 percent waiting until their kids are in bed or at school before pilfering some sweets!

My 3-year-old doesn’t even know what a candy bar is yet, because I am waiting until Halloween to give him one of those mini delights. But guess who had a mini Snickers for breakfast this morning? Yup – this mom. Those go great with coffee, by the way. My husband has a sweet tooth too, so I’m beginning to wonder if there’s going to be any candy left to give out on Halloween. I bought two giant bags at Target. That stuff is really expensive now! It was 15 bucks for a bag with 110 tiny chocolate bars in it.

I’d like to think that I bought all the good, expensive chocolate to please the trick-or-treaters, but I obviously bought it for myself. I totally need to change my strategy next year; candy corn and black licorice all the way. The neighborhood kids may hate me, but at least I won’t be popping candy bars like they’re baby carrots.

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