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6 Reasons Being Stuck At Home With Sick Kids Is The Best

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It’s fall. The leaves are turning crimson. Your kids have already started costuming themselves for Halloween. And their little noses are leaking an autumn rainbow of snot everywhere.

It’s cold and flu season, and there just might be an upside. Of course, I’m not talking about wishing my kids were sick, sick. I’ve endured hospital stays with each of my children, and I don’t wish the fluorescent lights of pediatric units on anyone. What I’m talking about here is a nice smooth fever. The kind that makes the little ones clammy and docile.

Last week, when my son woke up with a piping hot forehead, at first I was bummed. Nobody likes to see their offspring feeling poorly. And frankly, I had stuff to do while he was supposed to be at kindergarten. But by the end of the day, I noticed that a rare calm had settled around me. Maybe being homebound with a sweaty kid wasn’t the worst thing in the world.

Here are six perks to being stuck home with a sick kid:

1. Snuggles.




Yes, their little faces might have the not-so-faint odor of vomit, but they’re just so damned cuddly when they’re sick. My five-year-old still tolerates my affection from time to time, but he’s more likely to show his love by charging at me like a rabid rhinoceros. But when he’s down with the fever? He stares up at me with those big glassy eyes and lets me burrow into his neck like a dirty little hamster.

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