Idiot Parents Plant Drugs On School Volunteer For Not ‘Properly Supervising’ Their Son

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You know those adrugs schoolnnoying parents who are always bugging teachers or say, the school principal, about petty stuff? Yeah, those parents suck. But not as much as Kent and Jill Easter, a married couple who allegedly framed an elementary school volunteer for not “properly supervising” their son.

The 38-year-old lawyers in Irvine, California, decided to get revenge by planting drugs in this poor woman’s car. That’s right, these wonderful people drove to her home early one morning; placed a mixed bag of drugs on the driver’s seat (weed, prescription painkillers); then called police later that day to report they had seen her driving erratically before parking at the school. Oh, they also mentioned they saw her hide a bag of drugs behind the driver’s seat, then proceeded to provide police with her full name and license plate number.

Well, what do you know? The Easters got caught, and now they’re in big trouble. They were arrested Tuesday night and, according to Lt. Julia Engen, their alleged crime is “an absolute, over-the-top, irrational response to what would ordinarily be a minor dispute.” (Uh, yeah, I’d say!)

The unnamed volunteer – police are simply calling her “Jane Doe” – is reportedly the school’s PTA president, as well. ABC reports she allowed police to search her car and home; she was detained for felony drug possession but, thankfully, one of the police officers could tell that something was fishy (like the fact that Ms. Doe was at school when the tipster claimed to have seen her).

Long story short, the Easters now face felony charges and jail time for conspiring to falsely report a crime and procure a false arrest, and for the volunteer’s false imprisonment. It’ll be interesting to see what happens. Because, frankly, these parents sound just slightly overbearing, wouldn’t you say? Actually, they sound totally nuts.

(Photo: ABC News)