Cub Scouts Guide Takes His Troop ‘Hiking’ Through Nude Beach, Doesn’t Understand The Problem

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Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 12.18.18 PMA Cub Scout troop leader took the words “nature hike” a little too literally this week, when he led his troop on a hike through a nude beach. Parents are upset, the troop leader is like, What’s the big whoop, and I’m giggling that the notoriously homophobic Boy Scouts are defending their troop leader’s decision to parade a group of nine and ten-year-olds and their parents through Black’s Beach — what some sites on the internet have labeled as one of the top beaches in San Diego for cruising gay men — and the largest clothing-optional beach in the country.

Parents and kids arrived at Torrey Pines State Park for what they thought was going to be a regular old nature hike. The kids hiked ahead of the parents, following their troop leader, Desmond Wheatley. The kids and their parents got the bonus of observing nudists in their element, which is apparently something no parent really wants their Cub Scout to observe. Who knew? Certainly not Troop leader Wheatley, who when asked about his decision by a parent who ran to catch up with him said, “This is a naturalist beach, and my family and I go through here all the time. It’s not a big deal.”

Mom was not happy with that response. She told CBS 8, “I was nauseated because I’ve never seen just a bunch of nude people walking around holding hands, strange people that I don’t know.” She and her husband filed a complaint with the Boy Scouts, but were told it didn’t go against their policy.

HAHAHAHA. WHAT? The Boy Scouts, a notoriously homophobic organization, is totally cool with a troop leader parading his kids through a beach filled with naked gay men. I’m starting to actually love this story. Maybe they were on the “family-friendly” side. I’m still going with the other story because it’s funnier.

This is what the Boy Scouts has to say about the matter:

“During a planned hiking trip at Torrey Pines State Beach, a local Cub Scout Pack encountered some individuals who were inappropriately dressed. This outing, involving both parents and adult volunteer leaders, was quickly rerouted to protect the youth. Following the trip, both San Diego-Imperial Council and Pack leadership met with parents to discuss the events and determine if further action was needed. Together we concluded that proper protocol had been observed and appropriate steps were taken in this matter.”

I have no problem with nude beaches at all. I do have a problem with creepy troop leader ambushing a bunch of unaware parents and their spawn with a beach full of penises flapping in the wind. If the troop leader really said what the mother alleges he did, and he brings his family there, he damn well knew it was a nude beach. On what planet would he think a bunch of parents would be cool with this?

And if he actually didn’t know, some quick research would have helped. Here are some Yelp reviews of the beach:

Jonathan G:How can I describe to you the pleasure of watching 2 middleaged, slightly overweight and completely nude men play a most strenuous game of smash ball, complete with diving, grunts, reckless lunges and almost sexual dust-offs. I can’t. Just to [sic] strange and bewildering to try.


Tiffany Y: I love being nude, and being nude next to other people.
I don’t mind the old men with saggy balls at all, because one day YOU will be the old person with saggy balls and/or saggy breasts.

Don’t hate or discriminate please.


Vicky N :You might feel a bit awkward at first for being nude in public, but when you’re out of your comfort zone for awhile and you forget that you are, it feels exhilarating! SO ALIVE, SO FREE!! Don’t think, just do!

Again, I love this story.

(photo: 10news)