There’s A Tumblr To Shame Parents Who Use Their Phones And Whoever Created It Needs To Get A Life

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Parents use phones, too – isn’t that weird? I know once a baby emerges from your body or you’ve helped create one, you should spend the rest of your days staring lovingly at your offspring. Not all of us do that, because we are horrible people. Thank God this Parents On Phones Tumblr exists to highlight the extremely neglectful practice of averting your eyes from your kids for a few damn minutes.

I was tipped off to the Tumblr by a post on Gawker yesterday that mentioned the different ideas about mobile phone use and minding children. The tagline of the Tumblr account is “Shining a light on the culture of mobile phones and parental neglect.” Oh, brother. Not only does whoever run this Tumblr share images of unsuspecting parents who dare use their phones in the vicinity of their children, the page also provides links to lots of useful mom-shaming stories like, Here’s why you might rethink using your smartphone in front of the kids, and I Told My Kids I Ate Their Halloween Candy 2013 or Child Abuse? 

Here are a few gems that are shared on the page. I’ve abandoned their captions and written my own.

 1. Broken leg + phone = terrible mom.


Oh my god. Your child has a broken leg and you dare use your phone? You could be using the power of focused attention to heal her. Terrible.

2. Public bench + phone = terrible mom.


Put down that phone, mom. You’re kids need BOTH of your undivided attentions on that bench.

3. Airport + phone = terrible mom.


What kind of mother lets her kids use the phone while on a layover at the airport? They should be staring at the tarmac, sketching the planes as they land and you should be watching and encouraging them.

4. Chipotle + phone = terrible mom.


Stop texting your partner to find out what your other kids want for dinner. Your child is looking at you. He needs you. Look at him now!

5. Subway + phone = terrible mom.


Why aren’t you watching your son eat his delicious black and white cookie? How can you forgive yourself for missing this moment? (This photo was tagged #nosocks).

Pretty much everyone looks at their phones too much – I’ll totally concede that point. But shaming parents for doing it specifically because they are parents just seems a little silly.

(photo: Tumblr)