17-Year-Old Strangled To Death By Peers And You May Be Shocked By His Parents Reaction

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shutterstock_84142081__1394646474_142.196.167.223Last Saturday, the body of 17-year-old Ivan Mejia was found in a creek northeast of Dallas, Texas. One of his classmates had put him in choke hold while the other stuffed a sock in his mouth and pinched his nose. The two deprived him of air long enough to kill him. Prosecutors say the teens had planned the murder for nearly a week, and it was allegedly over a dispute about a girl. When they were caught, they admitted to trying to bury the body. Mejia’s parents said that they forgive the teens. These people are better than me.

Anita and Flavio Mejia expressed their forgiveness in a statement to the press yesterday. Their Christian faith moves them to have no ill will toward the accused. They say they look forward to seeing their child in heaven.

I can see how not harboring hate in your heart is ultimately better for you. I can’t imagine what these parents are going through. Thinking about this boy dying that way makes my heart bleed. Thinking about the two boys watching him take his last breath then dumping his body in a creek makes my stomach turn. I don’t forgive these kids – and this child wasn’t mine. I don’t think I could ever forgive these kids. I think forgiveness is noble, but I also think there is nothing wrong with expecting people to not be vile and murderous while we are all sharing this planet together.

The parents also expressed forgiveness to the parents of the accused teens, saying that they know what the other families are going through. I imagine they are right. I’m sure the other parents are devastated that their children are accused murderers.

These parents clearly have a strong faith that is carrying them through this horrific ordeal. Although I can’t understand it – I think these people are just better humans than I am. I don’t think I have the capacity to forgive something so heinous.

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