Horrible Jerk Parents Petition School to Keep Girl With Down Syndrome Out of Yearbook

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giphy (18)Some horrible, shallow, Disney villain parents at a school in Moscow have stunned the world this week by forcing the school to edit photos of a little girl with Down syndrome out of the yearbook because she was allegedly ruining “the look” of the thing.

According to SheKnows, Olga Sinayeva is a fourth grade teacher at the school, and she is a single mother with a 7-year-old daughter named Masha who has Down syndrome. Masha goes to school with Sinayeva and sits in the class with her. Many parents were reportedly not happy with that, and Sinayeva said that at least five of her students were transferred out of her class once the parents learned that Masha would be present in the classroom.

As if that were not awful enough, several of the remaining parents were reportedly livid when they received their fourth graders’ yearbooks recently and discovered that Masha was present in some of the photos. Gods forbid! A little girl exists, and there is photographic evidence of her! What is the world coming to?

Sinayeva described the yearbook as “so very pompously glossy, with all kinds of poetry about school, friendship and mutual understanding, with pages separated by parchment paper.” These yearbooks are like Fabergé eggs, and clearly far too classy to be marred by the presence of a little girl who has not been properly vetted by a modeling agency and approved by at least three Vogue editors.

Once the parents were revived from their swoons with smelling salts and vodka, they complained bitterly to school administrators that they did not want Masha in the photos, and they managed to convince the school to recall the yearbooks so Masha could be edited out of the photos. Once evidence of Masha’s existence is tidied away, the parents will get their fancypants yearbooks back, and they probably won’t even feel like assholes about it. But assholes they are, because this behavior is heartless and appalling.

I cannot imagine what kind of children are being raised by people who would raise such a stink about images of a little girl with Down syndrome “ruining” their stupidly pretentious yearbooks, but this does not make me optimistic for these children’s futures.

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