Parents Are Losing It After Learning iPads Are Banned on Some Flights

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This week, the United States and UK announced that they are indefinitely banning passengers from bringing laptops, iPads, cameras and most other electronics in carry-on luggage on certain non-stop flights originating from ten airports in the Middle East and North Africa. The electronics ban, which does not affect smart phones, was introduced after intelligence officials determined terrorists are developing bombs that can fit inside of these devices. While the ban has been met with some grumbling from business travelers who can no longer use flights to get work done, the loudest complainers have (unsurprisingly) been parents.

One parent said on social media, “Great, so now how am I supposed to keep my kid quiet and happy on a flight without a tablet?” Another added, “I can’t believe we’re going to have to fly 12 hours with three kids and no iPads.” And my personal favorite, “My kids and I have to fly back to the United States without our iPads to entertain us. What is this, the dark ages?” Jesus, take the wheel of this airplane so I can smack some sense into these people.

Let me take you back to a time long ago…2010. You know, when iPads were first introduced. Before then, parents managed to fly all around the world with their children, and they somehow survived without iPads. They used things like toys, coloring books, CD players, and even BOOKS to entertain their children. Some crazy parents would even engage their children in conversation! Can you imagine? How bold!

I’m not unsympathetic. My three-year-old would shank a nun to get an iPad, and the idea of being on a long flight without a tablet in my bag of distractions isn’t something I’d be excited about. But – and this is crazy, I know – I value my life, and if it means putting the iPad under the plane to stay safe, I will happily do it.

“Imagine being on a 15 hour flight with a kid who isn’t allowed to bring his iPad,” one Twitter user ominously threatened. Well, imagine being dead, how about that? Seriously, people. Instead of complaining, be thankful a potential disaster was prevented, and maybe download some kid-friendly games to your smart phone.